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Become a "Newsie Reporter" and Earn Money

After you have used our video conferencing software and have ten followers, you are eligible to earn money. We share our Ad Revenue with our Newsie Reporters.

Ad Exposure - We have expanded the Ad Rev Share Program to include 50% of the Gross Ad Revenue on ads that we place on your Live News Connector and NetVisionTV pages as well as your News Page.

All ads are related to the article because our search engine analyzes the content and then presents ads which are relevant. Relevant ads gain more clicks.

Ad Rev Share Qualification - Reporters become qualified for "Ad Rev Share" status upon obtaining 10 or more followers. It's E-Z to obtain followers because when you list the category subject of your publishing, we will direct other users to follow you when a subject is searched. Quite simply; the more you publish, the more followers you obtain AND Of course, the more ad revenue you will share in.

Ad Rev Share Account - Reporters can see their ad revenue status in their Ad Rev Share account of their home page. Each Ad Rev Share is applied to your Ad Rev Share account for viewing when the advertising agency credits our account. Ad Rev Share Revenue is automatically transferred to your Pay Pal or Epay Account during the 1st week of each month.

If you have followers from other social networks, now is the time to cash in by having them register with LNN. Remember, more followers translates to more revenue.

Ad Rates - LNN represents large ad agencies who supply us with advertising; they pay us for each click which link transfers the ad clicker to the advertiser's website. Most large search engines such as Yahoo, MSN and Google employ similar pay per click (ppc) ad programs.

Rates vary depending on various factors such as type of product or service, etc. The relationship with our ad agencies is private to LNN. LNN Ad Rev Share Participants are not entitled to transact LNN Ad business with our ad agencies.

To control PPC abuse, LNN tracks and records all clicks from IP addresses. If LNN receives multiple clicks from any source, we will deduct excessive clicks to prevent overpayment and advertiser fraud and we will sever the Ad Rev Share acocunt. LNN can cancel the ad program with any participant at any time without notice and without reason.

Newsie Ad Rev Share Scale
10 Followers 5%
50 Followers 15%
100 Followers 25%
200 Followers 50%