About Us

Live Network News is best described by its name - It's Live News that is instantly distributed to our Network of followers by Live Video and/or Text. Our Network of Video Commenters, News Reporters and Followers can Interact by Live Video Conferencing using our Live Video Connector.

News Reporters can instantly netcast live video from any location using their smart phone video camera. The live video is sent directly to the News Reporters LNN News Page where everyone can see the Live Video NewsCast. Followers are simultaneously alerted to the live video news. News Reporters are also able to write and remotely send their news report for everyone to see. The Live NewsCast is also shown on NetVision TV, where Millions of Followers can see the Breaking News and it's also netcasted on the Live Network News site.

The General Public is now playing an active news reporting role by collecting, analyzing and disseminating news in many news areas such as Entertainment, Business, Social Networking, Technology and Sports, etc., with specialized coverage on 100's of related subjects. As an example, the Entertainment Category has Subcategory News for Movies, Music, TV, Celebs, Fashion, Theater, Arts and Reviews. Subcategory Subjects such as the Movies Category has Movie Trailers and Movie Viewing, directly from Major Movie Studios such as Sony Film Studios, so our Users can See some full run movies Free. Users can even have their friends and followers see the Free Movies on their TV and they can be live video connected for the Fun and Excitement; virtually taking their friends and followers to the Movies is an exhilarating experience! The Music Category has Music playing 24/7. Every category offers something unique.

Live Network News has two types of news contributors 1) Commenters and 2) News Reporters. Commenters are readers/viewers who video and/or text comments on Newsies. Video Comments are limited to 20 seconds and text to 60 words. The comments must be related to the Newsie story line. Video/Text Comments are posted publicly alongside the Newsie. Video Commenters can also live video connect to the News Reporters or another video commenter or a follower and they can video conference as long as they want in total privacy.

Followers are generally interested in specific news categories and they are notified about news regarding their select interests as each Newsie is published.

News Reporters are content contributors who provide their authored Newsies and/or videos/photos which they can publish independently in LNN or they can collaborate with major news media sources. News Reporters can also comment on any Newsie. To become a News Reporter, you must be registered. Click Here It's all Free!

News Reporters augment the main stream media articles and stories authored by the major media networks using our Live Network News technology, which has evolved from Social Networking and Blogging Sites to Live Interactive Video News. Using Live Video and Photos captured from smart phone cameras, News Reporters can instantly assist the syndicated news media publishers with Breaking News content. They are usually able to report the news faster than traditional media Reporters. Our intent is not to replace trained journalists, but to serve the public with unbiased commentary in a newsworthy fashion which assists the Mainstream Media News Publishers in their National Coverage.

Network News News Reporters have developed a following and through our Live Interactive Social Networking System, we are able to achieve a wider viewing audience than static websites are able to reach.

Our viewers contend that collaborative news gathering and reporting overcomes biases and factual errors which are sometimes a part of journalism. When our media technology is placed in the hands of responsible users, there is overwhelming public support for "News Reporters." Live Network News technology comes with Viewer Controls which our audience of readers and viewers can exercise by Collective Rating.

Live Network News uses a Rating System so our viewing audience can control misuse, they can collectively discontinue a publishing using our Rating System. Every published Newsie employs our 1-10 Rating System and our rating algorithm can automatically censure abuse such as, obnoxious videos or vulgar comments.

All of our News Reporters must register as a member prior to contributing or commenting on the news. Readers and Viewers are invited to read the News Reporters Profiles which lists their background, interests and contact information, etc. Profile information has revealed that many Reporters are College Journalism Students or have graduated with Journalism School Degrees. Many of these Journalists are Bloggers and are advancing into the Journalism Profession and already have a following and are partnering with media Publishers.

Most of our Commenters and News Reporters are Business Professionals who contribute for the Social Business Advantages that Live Network News provides such as our Ad Rev Share.

Reporters can share in Ad Revenue For information, Click Here.